January 16 - March 29, 2015

Villa e Collezione Panza, Varese.

"Villa Panza represents the heart of European culture: thanks to Panza Collection the bond between Europe and America finds its fulfillment. I haven't ever thought about an exhibition about America, but this place inspired me and organizing it has been a great privilege for me."
(Wim Wenders)

The nomad, the European on the road, the craftsman of light: in his movies and in his photos Wim Wenders tells stories of landscapes with a sharp and deep gaze aimed to contemplate the immensity of nature and the power of light.

Until 29th March Villa e Collezione Panza hosts 34 photos shot in the United States from the end of the 70s until 2003. The pictures, among which some of big dimension, are displayed according a chronological and thematic order that matches the Villa and its environment. The whole exhibition is dedicated, by Wim Wenders, to the friend Dennis Hopper and the artist Edward Hopper. The visitor will be led by a red thread along the discovery of the German director’s personal view on America: thanks to his camera, Wenders reproduces visions that overturn the normal perception of landscape and allow the represented places essence and the image narrative function to emerge.